Ishwar Sharma is a 10 year old Yoga Prodigy and an International performer and International Speaker on Yoga and its benefits.
Ishwar Sharma has applied for e-petition to Yoga and Meditation to be included in the UK National school curriculum include, it has crossed 17,000 signatures.
Ishwar is won the World Yoga championship award on 28th May-3rd June 2019 in Bulgaria.
He won the British Indian of the year Award in 2018 and was bestowed the British Citizen Youth Award by the British Government
at House of Lords in 2018 for his contribution to yoga and spreading the message of yoga in the community.He has addressed many national and international conferences and events including world yoga championship in Italy, World yoga festival and World games in Nepal and Canada among many others and regularly takes part in various television programs including BBC, ITV etc.

As you are aware Yoga is a quite popular activity which promotes health of mind, body and soul. Ishwar has created a unique way to promote yoga to inspire children and adults to take up yoga as a daily practice. He and Indira along with Dr Vishwanath performs Vedic yoga with choreography to music, which includes Hatha yoga postures with Acroyoga and artistic yoga.

He is able to speak on the following topics apart from his demonstration.

1. The health benefits of yoga particularly to students to reduce stress and improve in studies.

2. How yoga can help children with special needs

3. Why yoga should be introduced in the national school curriculum.

4. Yoga FOR DIGITAL deaddiction in children and students.

He has won Under 11 UK Championships for 3 consecutive years and has won World yoga championships in Nepal in 2017 and in Canada in 2018 and Euro Asian championship in Turkey and France in 2018 and World yoga Championship 2019 in Bordeux.
He along with his father Dr Nanjundiah Vishwanath, who is a Medical doctor and his younger sister Indira has performed in 100’s of National and International events in Nepal, Italy, Turkey, Canada, France,UK,Czech Republic etc.