About Us


Dr. Nanjundiah Vishwanath

Dr. Nanjundiah Vishwanath is a medically qualified doctor and is a consultant Radiologist in London, UK. 

He has a passion to integrate yogic lifestyle with modern medicine. 

He has won Gold medals in UK national championships and world championships at Nepal, Bulgaria. Silver medals in world championship in Canada and Turkey. 

He performs yoga with his children Ishwar and Indira choreographed to music.

Ishwar Sharma

Ishwar Sharma BCYA is a 11-year-old child yoga prodigy from London, UK.  He is an international yoga performer and speaker with a passion to spread the message of yoga across the world.

Notable achievements: 

  1.  3 time UK under 11 yoga champion
  2.   3-time world champion in Nepal 2017, Canada 2018 and Bulgaria 2019
  3.  British Indian of the year 2018
  4.  British citizen youth award BCYA
  5.  Global child prodigy award 2020
  6.  PM Narendra Modiji My life my yoga virtual yoga contest winner.
  7.  Has Performed internationally in Italy, Czech Republic, Canada, Bulgaria, Nepal, France.

Indira Sharma

Indira Sharma is a 9-year-old budding yogi.

Indira has won International yoga medal in 2020 in Acroyoga.

She started e-petition with Ishwar to the UK government to include yoga and meditation in the school curriculum.

Indira has performed with her brother Ishwar and Dr. Vishwanath in various national and international events